Terms & Conditions

I. Overview
ShortList.in.net  is a service providing the job seeker a means to connect and exchange information.  This information is meant to be used for employment and other professional purposes only.

ShortList.in.net warrants to all users we will not purposely divulge any confidential information collected to outside sources without user’s consent. We will attempt to secure any confidential information a user makes accessible to the site, though we do not guarantee the success of our attempts. All information posted, uploaded, downloaded, or in any way rendered from or to any internet service is inherently insecure and should always be done with caution.

By using the site ShortList.in.net, you are agreeing to these terms and the terms listed below.

II. User Etiquette
ShortList.in.net  is meant as a resource for professionals of all fields, to connect in a professional manner. Any information posted to the website that we believe does not meet this base requirement or we consider controversial in any form is subject for removal and the offender’s account will be susceptible to termination

Further, users are expected to respect each other’s time and privacy.  Please do “excessively” contact other users for any reason or in any form.  Any repeated and unwanted contact will be considered SPAM and your account will be deleted and your URL blocked.

Further, by using this site you agree any information you divulge to this site is in good faith, 100% accurate and is not for purposes of marketing paid services to ShortList.in.net users.

You also agree any information a user divulges to you directly, or any information you’ve collected about the user through ShortList.in.net will be considered confidential unless otherwise noted by said user. You further agree to use this information for professional purposes only.

Any illegal use of this site or failure to respect the privacy and safety of our users may result in criminal or civil prosecution of your local government and or the Mumbai, India judicial system.

III. Confidentiality
ShortList.in.net values the privacy of all our users, though we do not guarantee the confidentiality of any information a user makes accessible to our site or to the users of our site.

Due to programming or administrative error, hack, malicious use, or virus attack, any information you’ve input to the ShortList.in.net website may be inadvertently released to the public or other unwanted sources. Therefore any personal or business related information a user submits to the site via job post, resume, personal or company profile, uploaded image, messages to other users, public comments or any and all other information or content type is at the user’s own risk and discretion.

Please do not post any information which you cannot afford to be made public, by doing so you agree to maintain full responsibility.

IV. Content & Content Integrity
As already stated, any information downloaded, collected or in any way rendered by an internet website is inherently insecure. Therefore by using ShortList.in.net you agree to hold harmless ShortList.in.net of any damages incurred from using the site.

Personal, professional and financial damages a user may incur while using any internet based service, including ShortList.in.net may engender but are not limited to information leaks, malicious use by other users, site errors resulting in lost data or public display of confidential data, identity theft, credit card theft, hardware damage due to malicious virus, breaches of privacy and target of fraud.

Further, ShortList.in.net does not guarantee the accuracy or authenticity of any information posted by site users.   ShortList.in.net is an open forum where any member of the public is capable of anonymously posting inaccurate or fraudulent content. By interacting and exchanging information with users you have not personally verified you agree you are doing so at your own risk and under your own good judgment.

ShortList.in.net  neither guarantees the permanency of any user content. Due to regular maintenance, inappropriate use by user, programming or administrative error, or for whatever purpose ShortList.in.net sees reasonable, information may be deleted. This information may include but is not limited, user accounts, log in information, job postings, purchased job posting packages, resumes, saved jobs, job alerts and blog posts.

V. Site Performance
ShortList.in.net does not guarantee its site to perform error free. Due to innumerous circumstances page loading speeds may be hindered, the site or any of its services may be inaccessible, data may be permanently lost or inadvertently rendered to the public.

*Above all by using  ShortList.in.net you agree to use any of its features, collect and share user information in good faith and under your own good judgment.