What is a responsive E-Resume ?

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An electronic resume is an absolute must in today’s scenario where recruiters prefer resumes and applications be sent by e-mail. While creating an electronic resume, it is important to explain things in a crisp, comprehensible and way.

Some scanning systems and databases discontinue reading it following a certain length, often after about one and a half pages, so be certain that your nearly all vital information appears early in your resume. It is easy to reformat your on hand resume by minor alterations here ‘n there.

  • Convert your regular resume in Text only or plain text format.
  • Graphics like: lines, images and bullet point symbols would not show in text only or plain text format. You can apply alternatively plus symbols (+), asterisks (*) or hyphens (-) to replace bullet points symbols.
  • The margin should not be more than 65 characters. Maintain all text aligned to left.
  • Use an easy-to-scan font, such as Courier, Arial or Helvetica.
  • Remove bold, italics and underlining if any. Set up major sections in capital letters.
  • Use the space key for indenting.

Test your electronic resume by e-mailing it to your alternate mail id. You can also send it to someone who can view it via scanning, so you can know how it actually looks.

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