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There comes a day in the office lives when no matter how many cups of coffee one consumes, they still feel dull and listless. On such occasions all one do is stare at the blank wall in front of them. Not thinking, working or doing anything productive, just being lazy. But what happens when the laziness becomes a habit? A daily irritant that doesn’t allow one to do anything fruitful, on the other hand impairs the job and reputation.

While laziness is not a cardinal sin, too much of it can point in another direction, it can suggest that perhaps one is not getting ample rest, their sleep is disturbed or the life is going through a turbulent phase. It may even indicate that one is dissatisfied with the current job and therefore feel too lethargic to do anything.

So what can be done, if one feels lazy, regularly? There is a three-fold path to wishing away those lazy bugs. Exercise, eat healthy and sleep. And not only sleep but dream too. Many people have been inspired and motivated by their dream and they have got up and worked hard to achieve the goals in life. The mental and physical health is directly proportional to an individual’s productivity at work.

How can this “non-productivity” be stopped?  The first step is to be clear in your head. You should make a list of all the things that you need to do. To put a check against a finished task is as good as a pat on the back. This sense of achievement motivates you to do more and better. Often we have the energy to do things of our liking and bail out on others, so nail the cause and work on it.

Keep your to-do list “doable”. Often when we start on making a to-do list, we list down hundreds of jobs and get unreasonable. Though we would want to believe ourselves as Superman, it is important to know which planet to save first. Be realistic in your approach and prioritize. It is important to make a list and it is equally important to complete the tasks listed.

Laziness is a state of mind and overcoming it can be troublesome. And as long as one manage to sneak in lazy moments without the boss reprimanding for it, one can be assured that it’ll pass away soon.

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