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ShortList in Net (SiN) is an employment network with direct contact to thousands of employers, helping them explore the best employment opportunities globally. We have brought employees and employers together with our employment services in fields such as Engineering, Information Technology, Finance, Accounting, Construction, Hospitality, Healthcare, Administration, Management, Sales & Marketing and many more openings.

shortlisted candidatesSiN¬†is one of the largest and most comprehensive employment sites with extensive job listings and online employment services which include a ‘harvest trail’ of employment opportunities globally. We know each job seeker’s circumstance is unique thats why we offer a priority service to suit your needs and get results.

SiN database is considered to be one of the most extensive in the industry, and is constantly updated with new positions in most professions. Job seekers applications are selected through our manual selection process because most automated systems overlook important personal information.

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